Query Shark

220+ queries later and I’m finally finished reading all of QueryShark’s archives (queryshark.blogspot.com). I was taking notes the entire time, weirdly enough I was hand writing them which I haven’t done since sophomore year in college. After I go a netbook, I started to type everything up.

The last time I checked, I had horribly handwriting but surprisingly enough I can read everything I wrote. I guess I probably write clearer when I don’t feel the pressure of time like I did in college.

Anyway, QueryShark was an amazing asset that I’m very glad I came across. Janet Reid is the agent that takes the time to update the blog to show writer’s what an agent thinks when she’s reading through a query. It’s amazing to me that she has the time to do that on top of being a popular and successful agent.

A third of the things that she pointed out was what I already considered common sense. How she had the patience to tell people time and time again not to add the agency’s address or your own to the top of an e-mail clear is beyond me. Or not to add the “TITLE is X words and a thriller/romance/whatever novel” part at the start of the query. But everything else was very enlightening and gave me a good checklist of what to do and what not to do in a query.

Brain = Overload


Oh, goodness, my brain just feels like it’s on overload. My eyes hurt from reading on a screen all day (and probably from lack of sleep and annoying contacts). I’ve been doing a lot of query research lately, mostly through QueryShark (queryshark.blogspot.com) and while that’s super helpful I still feel boggled…

I’m reading a suspense/horror novel to try and get a better grasp on how to work on creating suspense (which, I’m learning more from QueryShark than the novel) and it makes me want to bash my head against the wall. It’s a bestseller, so it’s gotta be doing something right. I guess I just don’t get bestsellers. Half of them are as good as gold, the other half I don’t get.

Plus I’m doing a couple critiques for other people that I feel very behind on.

I watched MIB (original) a week or so ago and remember there being a line about how they work on some other world’s time schedule which is 68 hours a day. How I wish that were reality.

Hell, I wish I could just write all day every day without worrying about everything else. That pesky personal life, work, and having to do all that other stuff like cleaning get in the way. That’s a tragedy. I’ll probably get over it by tomorrow. Every once and a while I get a wave of anxiety for not juggling my time better, but it passes almost as quickly as it comes. It probably has to do with lack of sleep. If only that’s wasn’t a necessity, just think how productive we’d be if we could use all 24 hours of the day.

ETA: Next day, I’m over it. All it took was sleeping.

Minimized. Finally… but not finished.

I’ve finally revised Descendant’s Diary down to 90K words. I’d like to lose maybe 5K more, if possible, but I’m satisfied with the word count remaining as is, if need be.

That being said, I’m not done. The first chapter (used to be prologue, now I’ve decided it’s a chapter) is in first POV while the rest is in third POV. I’ve decided that I don’t have a compelling enough reason to keep it as such. Seriously, I felt like I was back in my constitutional law course deciding whether a case can hold up to strict scrutiny. I’ve decided it can’t.

Thus I have to change it. Though I love it as it is, I know I have to let it go. I’m sure I can make it as good as it is now in third POV… at least, I hope so.