School Again…

I swayed while in college back and forth between wanting to go to graduate school and not. In the end, I decided against it. I was lucky to walk away with a bachelor’s degree with little debt and didn’t want to change that. I was so happy to be finished, no more essays, tests, or massive amount of homework.

I avoided entering into the world of working full-time with a real job, though. Instead, on an impulse, I got a work n’ holiday visa for Australia and did that for six months. Then traveled around New Zealand… then I finally came back to the US to become an adult, get a proper job, and started paying off my student loans.

I don’t expect to become rich enough off my writing. I know I’ll probably always have a job. And the one that I would really like to have until I retire is not yet in my reach. I need 18 more business hours to qualify for it so… I’m going back. Sort of, it’s not like I’m committing to two years of graduate school. I’m taking those hours all online and I expect to be done by October at the latest. Getting back in that proper student mental is going to be annoying. I always took at least 18 hours a semester when I was going to college but back then I was just juggling that with a part-time job and writing.

Oh well, I’ll manage.

The only thing that really bothers me is how this will cut in to my spare time. (aka my writing time). I hope to start query by July, and I don’t foresee that being a problem. It’s the new idea for a story I was hoping to begin to write while I queried my current manuscript that’s going to probably suffer. I doubt that’ll be happening until October. It’s just a few months set back but it bothers me still.

Don’t you hate it when life interferes with writing?

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