I just joined YALITCHAT.org, actually I joined in last night but got my membership approved today. I’ve heard about it a couple of times through the grape vines over at AW’s Water Cooler. I finally decided to actually go over there and sign up last night, I’m not sure why it took me so long.

I’m pretty excited about this site, since I’d really like to know more people writing YAs. For whatever reason, most of those I know write adult, and while that’s nice it’s not the same as YA for obvious reasons.

Besides this news, I’m revamping my synopsis letter and doing one more check through my manuscript to make sure there aren’t any typos/grammar errors that I might have overlooked. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks (ideally, before the end of July), I’ll be actively querying. One moment that prospect is exciting and the next it’s scary.

3 thoughts on “Just Joined YALITCHAT

  1. YAY! We’re glad to have you over at YAlitchat. You’ll find our community warm, inviting, and very helpful. Welcome.

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