Goodbye PC, Hello Mac

Two weeks ago I decided I needed a new computer. I got an HP Envy from my parents as a graduation gift when I managed to graduate from college in just three years, which was really nice of them. I had had the same old HP since my senior year in high school and while it still ran, it was going to die soon. I’ve had PCs my entire life. A Dell desktop was my family’s first computer when I was a kid and then another Dell before we realized that they suck and got an HP.

I didn’t get my own personal computer until my senior year in high school, it was a Xmas gift/graduation gift. It served me well, so well I decided when time came for a new computer I wanted another HP. I had heard good things about the new HP Envy like it’s the new Mac or the PC’s equivalent at least. In college I was always envious of my friends that had Mac’s because their battery life was so long and they were so much lighter, but I was too scared to switch from PC. It had always served me well so why change and learn all the new MC stuff…. right?

Well, that HP Envy didn’t serve me so well. I was ridiculously disappointed in my new computer’s battery life. It says it will last up to six hours but if you add on or upgrade at all that battery life cuts down severely (which, of course, I did) and in the end my computer could last unplugged for two hours, if it’s on “battery saver mode” then it might make it to three. Then there was a series of weird and annoying things, like how hard the fan would run, how it would overheat even when it was off (which really makes no sense), and so on. Even though it’s not that old, I decided I’d get a new computer. My mom killed hers (as she does any electronic she owns) and really doesn’t use her computer much so I’m going to get the overheating problem fixed on my Envy and give it to her to use.

I decided I had enough of PC and would give Mac a go. Everyone I know that has one pretty much only has good things to say and I’ve always, always, always wanted a laptop that has a long battery life and I knew Mac could give me that. Plus, I could get a high functioning laptop that’s not extremely heavy either. I bought the Macbook Pro 15 Retina from apple’s website and it arrived last night. It’s taking time to get used to, but so far I like it. It’s battery life is amazing, Word still works on it, and it’s pretty light. The only odd thing is that it has no CD drive so I had to buy something to plug in to use CDs or DVDs, but other than that it’s pretty. I hope a year from now I feel the same way.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye PC, Hello Mac

  1. Definitely should have went with a MacBook Pro without Retina display. Retina Display is pretty neat, but the regular MacBook Pro has a disc drive. I hope you are enjoying it, though. MacBooks are awesome!

    • Yeah, the whole “no CD drive” thing is so weird. When I asked an apple guy why they don’t have it in the newer models they said “it’s too thin” which I’m not sure if I believe.

      • With all of this new and cool technology, you would think that they would be able to fit a CD/DVD drive into any laptop, no matter how small. I have a hard time believing that, too.

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